Carbon footprint policy document


Carbon footprint policy document

The team participating in the NIAGARA project is strongly committed to reduce, where practicable, the environmental impact of the activities to be implemented for the realization of the project.

During the kick-off meeting for the project, held on Oct. 1st, 2014 at A DUE S.p.A. premises in Riccò di Fornovo (PR), Italy, all the participants discussed and adopted the following “CARBON FOOTPRINT POLICY DOCUMENT”, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the project activities.

The “Carbon Reducing Measures” set in this document form an integral part of the overall project target, and will help to improve the operational performance of the involved team and to reduce potentially harmful emissions to land, water and air due to the project’s actions.

If needed, this “CARBON FOOTPRINT POLICY DOCUMENT” will be reviewed and updated during the implementation period of the project.

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