EASME’s official representative visiting Parma.


EASME’s official representative visiting Parma.

Water conservation and water treatment rewarded the A DUE’s efforts. In June 2016 ADUE received at its Riccò headquarters a project adviser of EASME  (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Mrs. Simona Bacchereti, whose visit was aimed at monitoring the progress of the research project.

The guest was welcomed by General Manager of A DUE Simone Squeri together with plant engineer Guido Marossa, Marco Bortolini representing the University of Bologna and Craig Clayton of CVAR Ltd, the institution and company that jointly with A DUE created and implemented the project with the support of Arietti & Partners. 

The technical experts present at the meeting illustrated the technical progress of the project and its future developments.

At the end of the interventions, Simona Bacchereti took the floor to speak about the EASMY Agency and the CIP Eco-innovation funding program, about the environmental and economic aspects as well as about the EASME expectations in regard to the  Less-Water Bev. Tech. Project.

With the purpose of illustration of the new plant operation under the field conditions the delegation then moved to Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro di Fontanellato, where the water recovery prototype plant is installed.

The visit took place under the skillful guidance of Oscar Dodi, plant referent. After a brief  presentation of the Consortium, comprising about 230 associated farms, the referent reported that the Fontanellato plant annual consumption of water is around 2.600.000 m3, including the water used for tomato washing and packaging as well as for soups, beverages and juices preparation. Oscar Dodi underlined the utmost attention of Consortium to the environmental aspects, in particular to the reduction of the atmospheric emissions and water saving. This is also through the use of the irrigation sensors and continual environmental impact studies per kilogram of processed tomato. Moreover, the Consortium was among the first to guarantee the product traceability in terms of cultivation field, he concluded. 


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