CVAR LTD: the automation specialists

Cvar can support company needs to deliver automation software for a wide range of needs including processing, raw materials handling, transport and packaging.

Cvar, thanks to over 20 years’ experience within production (Food and Beverage) industry, can easily manage several solutions for automation needs.

Cvar is involved in the design of project / Machinery software solutions and commissioning, training to the final user, with a great  flexibility for support to realise project deadlines.

Cvar can offer automation solutions designed and delivered using a wide range of hardware suited to the customers’ needs, with full FDS creation.

The main aim of Cvar is to provide professional support for new or existing projects within the automation sector, utilising the wealth of experience gained over many years and in many different types of production environments.

Cvar is fully conversant in many of the major manufacturing automation platforms including Siemens, Allen Bradley and Omron, alongside the SCADA/HMI automation solutions.

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The NIAGARA Project team:

Craig Clayton

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