Established in 1967, A DUE is today a partner of leading groups in the beverage industry: Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, RC Cola, Nestlé Group, etc...

A DUE focuses its activity on the construction of multifunctional turn-key SYRUP ROOMS for CSD and Still drinks, with final beverage output ranging between 10.000 and 240.000 l/h.

To offer complete and efficient solutions ADUE makes use of its know-how covering all technical aspects of the beverage processing, namely:

In addition to designing and constructing the systems, A DUE directly handles their installation, startup and testing at the customer’s premises. Special care is devoted to the training of personnel and to the after-sales service.

A DUE customers can avail themselves of the company’s specific knowledge and experience in process engineering and industrial automation, with tailored solutions based exclusively on proprietary know-how. Every part of the project (hydraulics, electrics, software and hardware) is developed in-house by A DUE’s team of specialist technicians. The company’s continuous Research & Development investments are a guarantee of safe, efficient, reliable machines and systems, designed to be compatible with the environment and in line with the latest technological solutions.

In 2011 A DUE decided to broaden its portfolio by adding to the production range the water treatment solutions to further meet the needs of the beverage processing industry. Since then A DUE has manufactured a series of water treatment plants with working capacity ranging between 20 and 75 m3/h, installed in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

The water treatment installations incorporate the following systems: Filtration, Adsorption, Reverse Osmosis and UV Sterilization suitable for mineral water and soft drinks preparation. Considering the growing demand of water consumption optimization and water saving technologies from the beverage producers, such an important initiative as NIAGARA project has been launched and promoted by A DUE.

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The NIAGARA Project team:

Eng. Simone Squeri

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Ing. Alberto Dilda

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Ing. Guido Marossa

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External consultants:

Ing. Maurizio Violi

Dr.ssa Micaela Guerzoni

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Dr. Federico Cappa

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