Departments of Industrial Engineering - Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

The Department of Industrial Engineering (DIN)  of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna  develops research activities, teaching and advanced technological transfer in the fields of industrial and mechanical engineering.

It includes 246 people among academics, researchers and auxiliary staff. 48 are the full and associate professors, 38 are the assistant researchers, 42 are the laboratory and administrative assistants and 118 are the Ph.D. candidates, Post-Doc research assistants and fellows.

The distinctive expertise of DIN ranges among industrial mechanical plants, energy plants, process plant design development and management, thermodynamics and heat transfer, fluid machinery and internal combustion engines, carbon and water footprint assessment, life cycle assessment, industrial safety and environmental sustainability issues, solid waste management, biofuels and the renewables. In such areas pioneering studies, modelling and simulation activities are developed and widespread to the scientific community and the industry through publications, patents and partnerships.

DIN research units further take part to financed and co-financed projects joining consortia with national and international companies, public and private institutions and other universities. Particularly, DIN takes active part to several EU co-financed projects dealing with industrial and environmental engineering both with the role of coordinator and partner.

Several multi-disciplinary laboratories  are active and directed by the DIN staff. Among them, the Industrial Mechanical Plant Laboratory and the Renewable Energy and Environmental Measure Laboratory focus on the development and field-test of industrial systems, energy systems and process plants in several industrial sectors, like energy, mechatronics, chemistry, food & beverage, waste treatment, etc.

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